Director: NOH Young-seok
Year: 2008 - Production: StONEwork
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Lowdown: This is the heartbreak-induced-Korean-drunken-misadventure movie you've been looking for.
Bonus: Korean drinking FAQ at the film's website.

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Collection of Short Films

Lowdown: All the big-screen projection of feature-length movies without the burdensome 90 minute time commitment.
Bonus: Guiness and French Toast for breakfast at the Alamo Drafthouse

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Director: David Gargani
Year: 2008 - Studio: Blue Room
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Lowdown: Blind me with SCIENCE!
Bonus: Awesome 50's space and monster footage.

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The 2009 South by Southwest film festival is upon us. You can check the official site for news, panel schedules and screening times.

The mad movie monkey will be attending selected screenings this year and undoubtedly ranting, so brace yourself for some grease-laden helpings of digital wisdom.

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