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Mad Monkey selections, part one: Interesting SXSW 2015 films, based only on watching the trailers.

Official playlist of SXSW 2015 Film Trailers

I’ll use the same categories that SXSW is using, lest you be required to delve too deep into the mind of The Monkey.

Documentary Feature

Peace Officer
Directors: Scott Christopherson, Brad Barber

Narrative Spotlight

Ktown Cowboys
Director: Daniel (DPD) Park, Screenwriters: Danny Cho, Brian Chung

Documentary Spotlight

Rolling Papers
Director: Mitch Dickman
Son of the Congo
Director/Screenwriter: Adam Hootnick
Directors: Jeremy Coon, Tim Skousen
Deep Web
Director/Screenwriter: Alex Winter


Ava’s Possessions
Director/Screenwriter: Jordan Galland
Nina Forever
Directors/Screenwriters: Chris Blaine, Ben Blaine
Disaster Playground
Director: Nelly Ben Hayoun
Director: Leo Gabriadze, Screenwriter: Nelson Greaves


The Corpse of Anna Fritz
Director: Hèctor Hernández Vicens, Screenwriters: Hèctor Hernándes Vicens, Isaac P. Creus
Director/Screenwriter: Mickey Keating

24 Beats Per Second

They Will Have To Kill Us First
Director: Johanna Schwartz, Screenwriters: Johanna Schwartz, Andy Morgan
The Jones Family Will Make a Way
Director: Alan Berg, Screenwriters: Alan Berg, Lauren Sanders, Jason Wehling
Theory of Obscurity: a film about The Residents
Director/Screenwriter: Don Hardy
We Like It Like That
Director: Mathew Ramirez Warren
A Poem Is A Naked Person
Director: Les Blank
Jonathan Demme Presents Made In Texas
Directors: Louis Black, Mark Rance
Made in Japan
Director/Screenwriter: Josh Bishop
Director: Alexander Dunn, Screenwriters: Alexander Dunn, Luke Bainbridge
Director: Jessica Edwards
Directors: David Reeve, Waraluck Hiransrettawat Every


Director: Abner Benaim
15 Corners of the World
Director/Screenwriter: Zuzanna Solakiewicz

Festival Favorites

Ned Rifle
Director/Screenwriter: Hal Hartley

Special Events

A Space Program
Director: Van Neistat, Screenwriters: Van Neistat, Tom Sachs

Narrative Shorts

Pink Grapefruit
Director: Michael Mohan

Documentary Shorts

Calls to Okies: The Park Grubbs Story
Directors: Bradley Beesley, Ben Steinbauer
Tiger Hood
Director: Christopher André Marks

Animated Shorts

Director: William Reynish
Director: James Ford Murphy

Midnight Shorts

Bag Man
Directors: Josh Baker, Jonathan Baker
Knock Knock
Director: Jeff Betancourt
Director: Trevor Ryan

Texas Shorts

Darknet Delivery: A Silk Road Story (USA/Germany)
Directors: Lacey Dorn, Mafalda Millies
Detective Calzone
Director: Austin Tolin
The OceanMaker
Director: Lucas Martell

Texas High School Shorts

Pokemon Rivals Trailer
Directors: Josh Ulmer, Branden Shoemaker
Director: Caitlin O’Brien

Upon Deeper Introspection

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