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Lowdown: A lot like short films, except with more music and less awkward dialog.
Bonus: Barefoot waterskiing sequence in Writer's Four Letters.

Shit you should find and watch: Writer's Four Letters, Man Branch's The Gym is all she Has, Fires of Rome's Set In Stone (M83 Remix)Apes and Androids' Golden Prize

Heypenny, 'Copcar' Director: Joey Ciccoline & Paul Padgett
- Visual gameplay harkens back to what originally made music videos cool on MTV (yea, that's right, I'm old enough to remember when MTV played videos and I'm pretentious enough to use words like "harken").

Grizzly Bear, 'Forest' Director: Allison Schulnik
- Lots of claymation, which is cool if you're really into claymation.

Writer, 'Four Letters' Director: Brad Kester
- Absolutely badass waterskiing set to a good indie rock tune. One of my favorites.

Hunter Cross and the Strays, 'Twisty Ties' Director: Paul Ahern
- This animated tale of aquatic revenge is why you should not let your pet fish form bands.

P.O.S, 'Drumroll' Director: Todd Cobery & Scott Wenner
- The best urban war zone setting I saw this day.

Chris Garneau, 'Fireflies' Director: Daniel Stessen
- It's like hobbit rock, but also somehow not.

The Diagonals, 'Clones' Director: Nick Smith
- This is why, no matter how much of a happy loner you are, you should always go out and make some friends.

N.A.S.A., 'Spacious Thoughts' Director: Fluorescent Hill
- Stylized animation featuring "a personified Tom Waits as a menacing red cloud," how could anyone not like that?

Man Branch, 'The Gym Is All She Has' Director: Matt Leach
- Lounge/karaoke themed story of a hard working woman.  Man Branch's unique vocals put it over the top.

Truckers of Husk, 'Person for the Person' Director: Casey Raymond & Ewan Jones Morris
- Stop motion animation with real people.

Passion Pit, 'To Kingdom Come' Director: Mixtape Club
- Some kind of DaVinci-esque mad scientist romp.

Kevin Devine, 'I could be with Anyone' Director: Ray Machuca & Sherng-Lee Huang
- The various subtitles under the couples in the video are the most interesting thing.

These United States, 'Everything Touches Everything' Director: Maxwell Sorensen
- I can't do better than the official description: "Two crows and a scarecrow cast aside their differences and put on a psychedelic rock concert in a corn field."

Fatback Circus, 'Brain Damage' Director: Rodney Brunet
- Unique underwater visuals.

Socalled, '(Rock the) Belz' Director: Kaveh Nabatian
- The best Jewish/Hip-hop puppet fusion video I've ever seen.

Fires of Rome, 'Set in Stone (M83 Remix)' Director: Matthew Lessner
- Fucking awesome glam-rock video badass-ness.  Totally pushed that Darkness video for I Believe in a Think Called Love out of my glam-rock mind.  Double bonus afghan hounds in slow motion.

BRONTOSORUS, 'Amy' Director: Pete Scalzitti
- Animated bathroom implements playing a rock show for some goo.

Cinnamon Chasers, 'Luv Deluxe' Director: Saman Keshavarz
- First-person POV piece with branching time exploring the consequences of picking up a cute hitchhiker.

WHY?, 'These Hands/ January Twenty Something' Director: Ben Barnes
- Dual-song video exploring the difficulties of carrying a boy with arrows in your back and the difficulties of relationships.

Height, 'Mike Stone' Director: Justin Barnes
- Doin' the lyrics-of-the-song-spelled-out-in-the-video thing.

Apes and Androids, 'Golden Prize' Director: That Go - Noel Paul & Stefan Moore
- Cosmic glam travelers and a hot chick in the middle of the road.  Bonus splashing champagne sequence.

It's good to see that originality and creativity are still alive and well in the music video scene.

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