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Mad Monkey selections, part two: now I’m actually trying.

Lovingly hand crafted, artisan picks and notes about the slate of eye-tainment available at the 2015 SXSW Film festival. Even the ones that didn’t have official trailers. Either that or a pile 24fps poo that I flung at the screen — you decide.

Full SXSW 2015 Film lineup

Beware the simian wit below…

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Trailer Hitch

Mad Monkey selections, part one: Interesting SXSW 2015 films, based only on watching the trailers.

Official playlist of SXSW 2015 Film Trailers

I’ll use the same categories that SXSW is using, lest you be required to delve too deep into the mind of The Monkey.

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The Mad Movie Monkey returns from exile to face down the 2015 SXSW Film lineup.

Now that the statute of limitations has run out on all the damage caused by the rage-fueled rampage over Battle: Los Angeles and Apollo 18, the Mad Movie Monkey is back and ready to pan for gold at this year’s South by Southwest Film festival.

What does The Inernet suggest for the Mad Monkey’s agenda this year?

Post your wisdom below.

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Music Videos Program
Various artists / directors

Lowdown: A lot like short films, except with more music and less awkward dialog.
Bonus: Barefoot waterskiing sequence in Writer's Four Letters.

Shit you should find and watch: Writer's Four Letters, Man Branch's The Gym is all she Has, Fires of Rome's Set In Stone (M83 Remix)Apes and Androids' Golden Prize

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For now is the time for that time to be upon us again.
- mad movie monkey, 3/12/2010

That's right cowboys and cowgirls, the South by Southwest film festival is here for 2010. Film screenings start today!

As always, the official SXSW film site has the basic lowdown and film screening schedule, as well as some information on where the venues and shuttle buses are located.

Additionally the My SXSW site and companion iPhone app are useful tools for planning your whole South by experience.

Now prepare yourself to consume the home cooked wit and wisdom of the Mad Movie Monkey! Wash it down with some Big Red.

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